Svetlana Mondrusov

Svetlana Mondrusov, native of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, has been playing violin from age 6. Svetlana attended children's school of music where she received her formal musical education from age 6 to 17 besides attending public school. Svetlana got Bachelor (2000) and Masters degrees (2006) in Violin performance, as well as in Chamber and Quartet Class, additionally to Violin Pedagogy from Music College and State Music Conservatory in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She was particularly invested into performing chamber music and was part of piano, violin, cello trio for several years before immigrating to the United States in 2005. Her passion for achieving higher level in performance and violin teaching brought her to the Michigan State University where she studied with Dr. Walter Verdehr and received her DMA in 2014.
Svetlana established herself promptly after arriving to the US as a performer, violin and viola teacher, as well as got numerous sub jobs at local orchestras. Svetlana is a member of the Flint Symphony Orchestra from 2006 and co-founder and member of Fantasy Strings Trio for several years. Fantasy Strings had an opportunity to perform with Canadian rock band Heart in 2011 at Caesar's Casino in Windsor. In 2014 Svetlana and Natalia Tokar (piano) recorded CD with works of Robert Schumann at Blue Griffin Recording Studio. This CD with Schumann's violin and piano sonatas op.105 and op.2121 is about to be released in 2015.
Svetlana has special professional interests in music theory research that aim to disclose composer's intentions to help in creating the most genuine interpretation. Svetlana conducted research of Schumann's op.105 and op.121 as a part of her Doctoral Degree requirements and plans to use her foundlings in publications and booklet for upcoming CD. Svetlana runs a private studio for almost 9 years where she teaches violin and viola. Additionally Svetlana reaches out to local public schools where she offers free of charge workshops dedicated to string instrument techniques. Svetlana's mission as musician and a performer is clear and accessible way of delivering piece of music with honesty, technical thoroughness and musical depth to any audience without loosing integrity of composer's vision.