April 22, 2023


Enrique Diemecke, conductor
Fei-Fei, piano

SCHUMANN Piano Concerto, op.7, A minor
HAYDN Symphony #104, D Major
SCHUBERT Symphony #8, D.759, B minor

Clara Wieck Schumann composed, published, and premiered her Piano Concerto when she was just 14 years old. It was the only piano concerto Clara Schumann ever wrote. Fei-Fei will bring to life this innovative piece featuring memorable, bright themes from the unique perspective of a woman—something not often heard in music from that period.

Haydn’s London Symphony was Haydn’s final symphony, written in 1795 while he lived in London. The piece features twists and turns that listeners have come to know from the composer dubbed as “Master of the Unexpected.” It ranges from moody and dramatic to joyous and jaunty, including an exuberant finale using a Croatian folk song as inspiration.

Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony opens with a haunting melody shared between the oboe and the clarinet. Sometimes dubbed the first Romantic symphony, there is still much debate as to why Schubert failed to complete the symphony. It has been used in popular culture, including the 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report. Although it is only two movements, the Unfinished Symphony always promises to rivet and enthral audiences.

Inside the Music
6:30pm at Whiting Auditorium
Guest Speaker: Dr. Norman Wika
Title: Clara Schumann Paves the Way
Free to all ticket holders

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Carolyn Stubbs & Susan Schneberger
Phyllis Schroeder in memory of Dr. Paul Schroeder
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