Meet the Flint Symphony Chorus

Who We Are

The Flint Festival Chorus was founded by J. Dallas Dort in 1913. Mr. Dort's ambitions were to form a musical organization to "unite all persons of the city into a musical union, for the benefit of all people in the city". More than 100 years later, the choir still involves persons from the greater Flint area, and brings together singers from ages 18 to 80 to perform both as a concert choir and as a symphonic choir.

What We Do

Led by directors Nada Radakovich and Jeffrey Walker, the choir rehearses at FIM Monday nights between the first Monday after Labor Day and the final concert of the year. Rehearsals include voice-building exercises, sight-reading, and exercises to discover all the best ways to make the music sing. Every year, the choir sings with the Flint Symphony Orchestra for The Holiday Pops in December, and one other choral and orchestral concert during the season. Maestro Enrique Diemecke takes over as the concerts approach, and leads both choir and orchestra with great inspiration and insightful musicianship.

In some years, the choir gives its own performance of non-orchestral choral works.

How To Participate

Auditions are required for new members. The auditions are mostly a way for the conductor to greet new singers, welcome them into the fold, and find the correct placement for them in the choir. We are seeking enthusiastic, committed singers with a great love for choral music and the choral art.

Concert Attire

Men wear a tuxedo with a black cummerbund and black bow tie.

Women wear a dress and jacket from Stage Accents. New singers need to be measured at the beginning of the season so that an order can be placed in time for the December performances of Holiday Pops.

All singers must purchase their own concert attire.

Travel Opportunities

In 2014, 30 members of the Festival Chorus traveled to France for the Paris Choral Festival. They sang the Fauré Requiem in the church for which it was composed, L'Eglise de la Madeleine.

The chorus also sang at the American Cemetery in Normandy on the fourth of July, then toured to Chartres Cathedral and to Mont. St. Michel. Eleven other choirs from the United States were also in attendance.

During the summer of 2015, 25 of our singers went to Interlochen for the Adult Choir Camp, under the direction of Jerry Blackstone. These trips have afforded our choristers with an excellent opportunity for further growth as singers as well as wonderful times for camaraderie.

Nada Radakovich
Jeffrey Walker


  • Darline Alderson
  • Julie Borruso
  • Jerri Buiting
  • Aaron Connor
  • Nancy Dahle
  • Audrey Ditri
  • Karen Eaton
  • Judy Flavin
  • Victoria Fraser
  • Debbie Gardner
  • Christina Geisler
  • Roxann Guzak*
  • Rebecca Gwillim
  • Marion Harger
  • Patricia Lewis
  • Debbie McKnight
  • Patricia Minshall
  • Melissa Mueller
  • Rita Politis
  • Linda Rathburn**
  • Elizabeth Rodgers
  • Joyce Saxton
  • Patrice Shriver
  • Diane Springer*
  • Barbara Stewart
  • Rosa Wang
  • Harriet Warnick
  • Judy Wolbert
  • Leigh Ann Wood

  • Linda Angus
  • Rachel Edwin
  • Pam Elliott
  • Cassie Hall
  • Jennifer Howard
  • Maggie Jerrim
  • Chisandra Lambert
  • Maryanna Langley
  • Pat Lewis
  • Chris Luttenbacher*
  • Diantha Martin
  • Rose Morris
  • Ginny Myers
  • Kaye Pescatello
  • Mary Jane Poit
  • Diane Reed
  • Clare Swanson
  • Wendy Warren
  • Marlene Weston*
  • Darleen Yaskanin

  • Greg Austin
  • Joel Cuttitta
  • Richard Ebbott
  • Robert Fraile
  • Daniel Harrett
  • Brendan Hieshetter
  • Ronald Kinney
  • Julius Militante
  • Jackson Pratt
  • Hal Richards
  • Timothy Weston*
  • Brian White

  • Robert Agle
  • Robert Baker
  • Philip Baldwin
  • John Bloomfield
  • James English
  • Jerry Hill
  • Robert Hoag
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • Johnny Kantor
  • William Karas
  • Joseph Konzer*
  • Gary Lindell
  • David Lindsey
  • William McDonald
  • Glenn Miller
  • James Parks
  • James Petricevic
  • John Pobocik
  • Jeff Straley
  • Jerome Wolbert

*section leader