Lorrie Gunn

Donna Lorraine Gunn, recipient of the John A. Plumer Memorial Scholarship Award and finalist in the Robert Mondavi Violin Competition, has performed as soloist with the University of Maine, Arcady, Houlton and Rochester Symphony Orchestras. Ms. Gunn studied violin at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she received a full tuition scholarship to study with Grammy winning soloist Erick Friedman. She continued her musical studies at the University of Maine in Orono where she was awarded a teaching assistant position for Music Theory.

Lorrie has traveled through Spain, Italy, Austria, and China as an orchestral musician. Despite all that time soaking in world culture, her favorite engagement so far has been with the All-American College Orchestra working for a large famous rat named Mickey. Correct! Disneyworld in Orlando won her heart. Those who know her would agree that her stint rubbing elbows with national entertainers and dressing up as the Big White Rabbit was one of her most profound influences.

Lorrie is a member of American Federation of Musicians, Flint Federation of Musicians, Mu Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Lambda. Currently, Ms. Gunn is Concertmaster for the Rochester Symphony Orchestra, a violinist in the Flint Symphony, adjunct faculty for strings at Rochester College, and teacher for Oakland Homeschool Music Institute. She performs with the Wild Swan Theater in Ann Arbor and enjoys entertaining the Gentles at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. In addition, Lorrie Gunn is president of her company, Frog on Butter (frogonbutter.com), which makes educational violin DVD's now in demand nationally.